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Pro’s Tips

Spring weather is on the way. Warm sunshine and blue skies are in our future. There is nothing finer that feeling that warm sunshine on your shoulders as you galivant down the fairway after a well struck tee shot. To ensure you are galivanting down the fairway and not in the rough or trees, I suggest a little spring training to get your golf game in shape. Become disciplined with your approach to the game and you will enjoy the results! It is simple as A, B, C!

  1. Have a weekly game where you have a standard golf group and game. Create an email list with ten of your favorite golfing buddies. Tell them you are going to play every Thursday morning rain or shine at 9:00. Buy some rain gear so if the weather is poor you can still stay comfortable and have fun. Have a standard golf game to create some competition and friendly rivalry.


  1. Practice at least once a week. Have a practice day where you not only hit golf balls but also work on your short game. In the time it takes to play nine holes, you can get a lot of quality practice time in. Make your practice fun. Create a game where you keep score. Take an easy chip shot and tell yourself that you are not leaving until you hole out a shot. Count how many times you must hit a chip until you hole it. This will help you create a positive mind set. Instead of trying to get a chip close to the hole, you will be trying to make it. Once you start aiming small you will start missing small.


  1. Have fun! Laugh at your bad shots and cheer for your good ones! Play the game with a great attitude. We are all extremely lucky to have the opportunity to chase a ball around a beautiful golf course – cheers!


March 6th – Ladies Group Kickoff Meeting. The Ladies Club plays golf every Tuesday morning though the golf season. We have a different competition each week and the Ladies have a wide range of abilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a very experienced golfer or just beginning, this group is welcoming and fun to play with. Just call the golf shop for more information. League play begins on the first Tuesday in April.

March 15th – Thursday Night Men’s League Captain Meeting. 6:32 PM at the Club House. The Thursday Night Men’s League is a bunch of fun. We average around 100 golfers each Thursday from April Through September. We always have teams that are looking for more teammates. The field plays nine holes and tees off between 2:00 and 5:30 PM. Come join the fun!


2018   Meadowmeer G & CC Event &Tournament Schedule


March 6th – Ladies Club kickoff party

March 15th – Thursday Night League Captains Meeting

April 3rd –    Ladies Tuesday Morning Golf Opening Day

April 11th – Wednesday Evening Ladies League Meeting

April 12th – Thursday Night League Opening Day

April 18th – Ladies Wednesday Evening Golf League Opening Day